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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 19, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that he thought my son would fall for. >> reporter: jennifer stevens couldn't be prouder of her son. response vein yeah investigators say the young boy was on his scooter, down the street from his house monday night, when a man pulled up and told him a friend wanted to see him. the man asked him if he wanted a ride but suspicious, the 9-year-old called his mom on his cell phone. >> he was panicked, of course. and -- i couldn't understand what he was saying at first. i understood like -- take me, first thing i said to him was -- what was the person driving? which way did they go? >> reporter: police arrest eed charged 51-year-old carl rice with attempted abduction. he is a neighbor and a recent substitute school bus driver. jennifer's son gave a detailed physical description of rice and his truck. so they drove around the neighborhood, spotted his vehicle, and called police. >> he got incredible descriptions of the vehicle and
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subsequent descriptions which truly helped this case being solved quickly. >> reporter: jennifer says that for years she has talked about scenario was her son. >> if you were in a small situation and there was someone that grabbed him, i wanted him to make sure that he understood that if he just screamed, that someone would think that he would not gwhat he wanted. this is not my father or father. i don't sugar coat it. i let him know the real of how sick people can be. and, you know, i don't want to frighten him but i want -- i want him to know the truth. >> the school system responded with his this statement. mr. carl rice worked this spring as a bus driver with spotsylvania county schools for a two-week period. as of may 8 he was no longer allowed to drive as a substitute bus driver due to personnel reasons. now, investigators say along with the boy's story they
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confiscated evidence from rice. relatives at his home did not comment. back to you. >> elaine reyes. a fourth teenager tonight is now charged in the murder of d.c. middle school principal brian betts. betts was found dead in his silver spring home last month. three teens are already charged with murder and the mother of one of them is charged with using betts' stolen credit cards. 19-year-old joel johnson was arrested in washington yesterday. he's in jail tonight awaiting extradition to montgomery county. d.c. police are looking for a man who they think may be behind several robberies, atms at the district. these pictures were taken by a camera on an atm in the 600 block of mass avenue earlier this month. police say the suspect approaches people who are taking out their money and demands they withdraw more cash and give to it him. investigators is are hope something one will recognize the suspect and call police. police in arlington searching for who is preying on women in arlington after two
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attacks in less than a week. he first struck at an apartment complex on north scott street. the latest attack came on a busy section of wilson boulevard. news4's tracee wilkins has our report. >> reporter: while there is new evidence connecting two sexual assaults in arlington, police strong reply believe that they are looking for one suspect. >> those attacks occurred in similar areas. the suspect was wearing a chef's jacket in both cases. and the assault was similar in nature. >> reporter: the first sexual assault and battery happened may 8th at 3:45 a.m. in the 1800 block of north scott street. a young woman walked into the pool house bathroom inside of an apartment complex when police say she was confronted bay man who then forced her to the ground. she struggled and fled. then about a week later at 10:50 p.m., 2000 block of wilson boulevard, police say a woman was walking behind a restaurant when a man grabbed her from behind with one arm and assaulted her with his other hand. the victim fought back and also
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fled. >> on each case, the woman was restrained and the man assaulted her by placing his hand below the waist in the groin area. >> reporter: the victim in the first case was able to provide this composite sketch of the suspect to police. she described him as as white hispanic male in the early 20s, approximately 5'7", 160 pounds with short, dark hair. she said he was wearing a black chef style jacket with white writing on the chest. the second attack, the woman gave a very similar description, but was not able to provide a composite. her attacker wore a white chef's style jack wet dark pants. arlington county police say neither woman knew her attacker and are asking any woman information to give them a call. the number to call is 1-866-411-tips. that's 1-866-411-8477. in arlington, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> crime solvers offers a reward up to a thousand dollars for information leading to an
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arrest. wendy? we now know the name of the man that died on metro. he was dead for several hours before his body was discovered. 52-year-old ricky van hollywooder of rockville. he got on the red line at the twin brooks stakes at 10:15 monday morning but his body was not discovered until 3:00 that afternoon. pat collins will have more, a live report coming up at 5:30. preparations are in high gear this evening at the white house for the president and first lady's second state dinner. tonight's guests of honor include the president and first lady of mexico. security will be tight after the salahis managed to attend november's first state dinner without invitations. it is the first state dinner for julianna smoot. in case there are any party crashers this time around white house staffers will be along secret service to clear up any guest list confusion or
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concerns. finally a little bit after break from the clouds today. not as much as we need. veronica johnson is in the weather center. veronica, we are seeing blue sky in these live pictures. >> yeah, a few more breaks showing up. boy, oh, boy, during the overnight, we will see more holes in that cloud cover. and as dry air starts to move in, guys. something to smile about. with the forecast here for the remainder of the workweek. there's a look at the skycam. you can see the cathedral there in the distance and the clouds all overhead. really covers just about the entire area. but again, with breaks in the cloud cover today. 64 degrees is the temperature now. anacostia, mitchellville and landover in prince george's county now. 63 degrees. la plata, 67. falls church at 61 degrees. here is what's been going on. again, we have had that system make its way all the way up to the north and east. as far away. the circulation around the low still good enough to produce clouds around that low pressure system. waiting up to the north and west
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is high pressure indiana. so as it moves in, it will bring the dry air with it and those showers across ohio and west virginia will start to fade. so here's the forecast for the overnight period. 7:00, we will drop to 64 degrees. by 9:00, down to 61. 59 degrees 11 cloak p.m. clouds will don't move on out of here. sunset is at 8:17. so your fast forecast will be a cool evening for us. with clouds moving out. clearing skies. and meanwhile, some sunshine will be returning to the area tomorrow seasonal temperatures as well. yes, indeed. the weekend is pretty far away but we like to look ahead to see what the weather is going to bring. the weekend, well, we have a chance for some rain right now. we will tell you which day will be the best day out of the upcoming weekend in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. research ships are on the
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move in the gulf of mexico today. following that so-called loop current. trying to determine where the crude oil gushing from that broken well is going to end up next. today the finger pointing began at a house hearing. republicans say that the obama administration deserves much of the blame for this bill while -- while the oil continues to wash up on beach necessary louisiana. louisiana governor bobby jindal got a first happened look at some of the damage that's already being done. our coverage this afternoon is from kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: there is an uneasy tension right now from the mississippi delta to the florida keys. with oil lurking off of the coast and under the water, scientists are now using new weapons to track the spill. launching robotic gliders to search for oil along the florida coast. >> it swims along every -- every couple of seconds, it makes a measurement like that. just keeps looking for the telltale signs of oil and oil products. >> reporter: the signs are
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already clearing water near bay st. louis where oil is starting to wash in. research ships are on the move. like the oil and testing the bounds of the loop current. >> if, in fact the oil slick is taken by the loop current, that is a conduit for the oil to reach the eastern seaboard in the united states and eastern canada. >> reporter: there are serious questions about how much is really flowing out of the broken riser at the bottom of the gulf. p bp says that number is 5,000 barrels a day. skeptics say that number could be much greater. reaching as much or more than 70,000 barrels. >> always said it is highly, highly uncertain. it was just an sometime. it isn't the estimate we based the response on. >> reporter: and as the oil continues to flow, so does the finger pointing on capitol hill. bp and transocean executives pressed on the safety of drilling at 5,000 feet. >> the drilling at this depth. >> i'm not sure i can make that statement until we know exactly what happened.
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>> you about we do know that whatever was in place did not work. >> we know that there was a catastrophic failure. >> reporter: catastrophic failure leading to catastrophic consequences for the gulf region and beyond. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, st. petersburg, florida. >> downtown bangkok was a flaming battleground earlier today as the thai army moved in on an anti-government protest. so-called red shirt protesters have been camping out behind barricades in the capital's premiere shopping and residential district for weeks now. they are demanding immediate elections. today the army moved in. and at times there was heavy fire. five protesters and an italian photojournalist were killed. about 60 others were injured. thai officials say that they are determined to restore order. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a brazen attack on one of the most heavily fortified u.s. military
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installations in afghanistan. it started before dawn at the bagram air base about 40 miles from kabul. u.s. guards noticed a vehicle parked suspiciously close to the gate. they opened fire. a nine-hour gun battle ensued. insurgents attacked from other directions from gunfire, rockets and grenades. several of were wearing suicide vests. a u.s. contractor was killed, nine u.s. service injured. military officials say that ten insurgents were killed in the assault. this is the second ambitious insurgent attack in as many days. yesterday a suicide car bomber struck a u.s. convoy in kabul. five american service members were killed along with 13 other people. >> in frederick county today, hundreds of people attending the funeral of corporal kurt shea. shea died may 10th in afghanistan and was buried with full military honors today. shea graduated from frederick
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high school in 2007. a plaque will be put up in his memory and at the school's football stadium. the montgomery county council passed a measure today to keep county residents from having to pay ambulance fees. instead, the council passed an ems trance important fee. this bill will allow montgomery county to pay for ambulance services through funds set aside by insurance companies. medicare and medicaid. county executive ike leggett says the plan will ensure everyone who needs emergency medical help will be able to get it without worrying about high fees when they call an ambulance. like many, local governments, the district is struggling with a big budget deficit. today council members met in a small room hoping to avoid what some are calling too many nickel and dime tax and fee increases on citizens and businesses. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: council member evans created a nickel and dime
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jar in his office. a protest to hold series of higher taxes and higher fees, d.c. is considering to bail out its budget. >> you can't nick and dime everybody to fill the gap. more importantly, our system is tired of it. this weekend as a great example. people are stopping me saying what is this about? this new tax on health clubs or on the spas. >> reporter: the full 13-member council was engaged in the controversy cal closed door debate on a sensitive budget issues. allowing the media in to only take a few pictures. enforcing it to watch a cable tv fee that captured only part of the meeting. >> and then transfer 239,000. >> reporter: police also closed off the normally public hallways to activist others worried about budget cuts and tax increases. >> we would love it to be entirely open to the public so we can see everything going on in the meetings. >> reporter: most council members defended the partially closed working session. >> we certainly moved much more
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in the direction of giving the opportunity to the public to participate in -- in this part. at least to see it. >> i think the perfect choice by chairman gray was to open it up and ensure people can watch it on tv. >> reporter: council wants to avoid raising parking meter fees to $3 an hour. hopes to avoid a hefty new sugar tax on soft drinks and new business fees on among others independent cab companies. >> i think we reached a point in saturation point where you can't really keep coming back to people and picking your pocket. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> $3 an hour. council is scheduled to vote on the city's $10 billion budget next wednesday. county members are warning that services and jobs likely will be cut to help close a $500 million budget deficit. montgomery county businesses and residents can expect bigger utility bills with an energy tax increase that takes effect tomorrow. today the county council approve ad bill to double the energy tax rate.
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the council says the average home ownler see a monthly increase of $15. business companies see a nearly $10,000 a month increase. that's according to the gazette. county leaders say it is all necessary to help close a $1 billion budget gap for the next fiscal year which begins on the first of july. well, if the stock market remains on its downward trend we are headed into the third straight week of are decline. another loss today. the dow ending down 66 points to close at 10,444. nasdaq losing 18 points and the s&p dropped five points to settle in at 1115. cnbc's scott cohen has the insight. >> we are still worried about europe, jim. that's -- really the short of it. and we did come off of our worst lows of the session. we were looking at triple dij it losses earlier. there are concerns about the debt situation in europe and also some moves germany made to
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band what's known as naked short selling in certain assets. naked short selling basically selling things you don't own. it is something that the u.s. tried in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008. and whether it worked or not is open to some debate. there's concerns about overregulation here. overreaction. and the fact that germany is acting alone. that suggests maybe there's some cracks in the european union. >> could, the mortgage crisis is another drag on the market. more and more people fall behind on their payments. what's the latest numbers you are seeing there? >> latest numbers we have are still decent sized delinquency rate. actually one in seven homes are either delinquent or in danger of foreclosure. the latest figures from the mortgage bankers association. some of this is a hangover from the bust in the housing boom. as the chief economists for the mortgage bankers association put p -- compared to it the oil spill. you cap the spill but then have you a mess to clean up. that's really what's going on now. and it still is an overhang on
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the economy. >> all right. cnbc's scott cohn. thanks. at least the mercury is moving in the right direction. right? >> starting to go up. >> exactly. and -- rich with sunshine tomorrow. the forecast dpash. >> about time. >> excellent for the next couple of days. moving in the right direction here at least for your thursday and friday. let's take a look outside now. we do still have lots of clouds that cover the area. today maybe you were lucky enough to get a little bit of that sunshine with the breaks in the holes we had in cloud cover. it is 64 right now at reagan national air porn. dew point temperature is at 50 degrees. and that number will be dropping during the overnight period. north-northwesterly wind is area. right now it is ten miles per hour. fairly light during the overnight period. about five to ten miles per hour. nonetheless, it is drier air that will be making its way in from points to -- up across ohio and north and westward, drier air sitting. 64 is the temperature. boy, we are up five to ten
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degrees across the entire area. philadelphia, new york, 12, 14 degrees. climb from yesterday at the same time. look at la plata the warm spot today. south and -- east of the area. 68, the high. 66 with a light wind. and now 61 degrees. you folks in fairfax, virginia. with a lie wind, too, out of east there. and 61 degrees, montgomery county right now, rockville, maryland, your temperature. eastern corridor of the country. still with cloud cover. that the low pressure system, center of it, way up here right now, so rotating around and still in the clouds. but that will be changing. that system moves out and the rest of it, high pressure system will be moving in. so drier air will help scour out few clouds. and those showers, yes, this's a few very, very light ones around front royal and washington. we will stay dry around most of the area pep d.c., points north and down to the south. so the showers, by the way, making their way zmorth eastward
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up towards loudoun county. for the most part, dry air will be working in and clouds will be clearing out especially after midnight. and here's the pattern for the rest of the workweek. the river of air, jet stream, way up high across the eastern part of the nation. so warmth for thursday and friday. and then there's that dip in the nation's midsection. there is another low pressure system here. that's where it will be making its way in for saturday and sunday, unfortunately. it is not going to be all bad. the weekend. here is your forecast. high pressure continues to nose on in tomorrow. mostly sunny day. and then by the time we get to friday, more sunshine. this system, yes, it is going to get in creeping clouds throughout the day saturday. here is your forecast. this evening we are cool. temperatures drop from 64 to 58 degrees. and then by the time we get to tomorrow morning, lots of clear skies. we will notice a lot of blue. between 48 and 56 degrees across the area. and take a look. 83. the high temperature for tomorrow. sunshine and much warmer.
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then friday, 85 degrees for a high temperature. the weekend, again, not all bad. we are seeing increasing clouds in saturday, showers right now 30% chance showers around during the evening and overnight. and then 50% chance throughout the entire day sunday. so best day still saturday out of the weekend. >> let's make thursday, friday the weekend. declare it right now. >> can we do the weather from someplace else? >> that would be nice. a new study on food suggests that something in your pantry could be making you sick. it is something familiar. researchers now say that bpa which we have been talking about in plastic is also common in canned goods. it has come under scrutiny lately because some say it is toxic. a group of consumer and food safety advocates tested 50 cans at 92% of them contained bpa. experts say that the chemical has been linked to cancer and developmental problems. >> just by eating a reasonable
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amount of food from cans, 20 pregnant something woman could ingest bpa at the same levels as have been shown to cause harm in lab studies. >> the grocery manufacturers of america say the chemical has been used in cans for decades to increase their shelf life. several states, including maryland, have already passed laws restricting the use of bpa in food. of course,ch is now coming out with bpa-free plastics. >> that's right. good reminder there. a lot more to come on "news4 at 5:00." what students had to say in a high school yearbook that caused their principal to not give them out. also tonight, a high school athlete die afc he is injured in a fall during a pole vaulting competition. education costs thousands and leaves some to live on $2 a day. we will tell you about a very unusual lesson. >> first lady michelle obama faces some tough questions about the nation's immigration policy from a maryland second grader.
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you pay good money. thousands of dollars for your children to get a good college education on a beautiful campus. say at the university of mary washington in fredericksburg. instead they tell you that they
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want to live in a tent. share a toothbrush and get by on $2 a day. news4's kimberly suiters found out how they and why. >> i think all of my $8 -- >> reporter: 15 students lived on that rice, beans and donated food. that explains the pizza box. to sample life on just $2 a day. professor humphrey's challenge week starts every spring. this year his creation cut holes on a dozen other campuses. even though camping out for a cause is no picnic. >> i don't think very well out here. and i'm getting better with the caffeine withdrawal. >> sharing toothbrushes. >> there's such a low coloric intake your brain doesn't work as well. >> reporter: the students did allow themselves one luxury. >> very important to cope in
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relationship. >> reporter: a video camera to document their long hot days and sleepless rainy nights. >> week of self-sacrifice. getting around. >> reporter: they put hard and fast rules on themselves. no hot showers. no cold drinking water. >> we had to boil all the water before we could drink it. and it was really hot that week. it took several hours for the water to cool down. >> reporter: no shelter. except the one they built from trash and rebuilt because of the storm. >> i think we considered it a shelter and -- by the end of it i would have considered it a home. >> reporter: the students built their makeshift shelter right here in the heart of campus. they endured rain, hot weather, and dirty conditions. but they say something really special came out of the experience. >> you take handful of college kids that live the life of luxury and -- put them on a strict budget and you watch a whole economy and whole community merge. >> reporter: a community
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undivided by tvs, cell phones, ipods. united by a mission. >> what do you want the money for? >> it was a life they actually missed when it was over and drove home how lucky i really am in my daily life. >> reporter: you gave up so much. >> we still had a lot. >> reporter: fredericksburg, kimberly suitors, news4. >> now the umw students goal was to raise $18 million million to support two women's starting businesses in third world countries and exceeded their goal. pulling in more than $2200 for their week. living on $2 a day. exercise is lot more fun if you are doing it with a couple of first ladies. >> let's go! >> reporter: students in new hampshire elementary in silver spring. first lady michelle obama and
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mexico's first lady visited the students and talked about the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. obama told the students about her eating and her -- healthy eating and fight against childhood obesity. the need of the school's 400 children are from central and south american countries that led to an awkward moment for mrs. obama as she faced a question from a student who was concerned about her mother's legal status. when "news4 at 5:00" continues tonight, metro makes changes in the wake of the death of a passenger on a red line train. >> a woman fights for custody of her baby after the little girl was found in the middle of the street late at night. >> and table games are headed to a popular local casino. we will get an up-close look at dealer school, charlie town races and slots. coming right back.
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high school athlete dies after he's injured in a fall during a pole vaulting competition. find out what students had to say in a high school yearbook that caused the school's principal to not give them out. and we have an up-close look at dealer school at charlestown races and slots. police are investigating the death of a man who died on a metro train and his body stayed on the train for several hours. the man got on to twin brooks station in montgomery county at
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10:15. the train traveled almost the entire length of the red line and back again before being moved to a rail yard at shady grove just before noon. the dead man wasn't found until 3:00 when metro workers prepared the train for departure. pat collins is live at the twin brook metro station to tell us about the fallout from this. pat? >> reporter: indeed. this is the dwinbrook station. his body on that red line train for about five hours. there was an and today metro says that the operators involved in that incident have been cleared and now they are back at work. the man found dead on that metro red line train monday identified as 52-year-old rick van howder. a computer expert described as a loving and excellent father and husband. mr. van howder was from
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rockville. 10:15 monday morning, he boards the red line train here at the twinbrook station and he was on his way to work. after that, they believed there was some sort of medical incident that caused him to paul unconscious in his seat. mr. van howder's body on that red line train as it went through many stations before making a final stop in silver spring. his body on that red line train as it started again retracing his route through many stations before making yet another final stop in shady grove. mr. van howde receive as body not located until the train was in the rail, 3:00 p.m. monday afternoon. metro says it has a long standing policy that requires operators to check each and every car at the end of the line to make sure that no one is left
5:34 pm
or board. apparently monday, the operators missed the dead man onboard that red line. first at silver spring and again here at shady grove. today metro said it investigated the incident and placed the two metro operators involved back on duty. they say that the metro operators acted properly that day. metro riders not happy about what happened here. >> doing the job. they should have located something like that as soon as possible. >> now i'm going to have feelings riding the train. >> latest in a kind of crazy year for metro. >> reporter: mr. van howde receive's wife, eileen, couldn't talk today. she is an orthodox jew and today she's observing a special jewish holiday. commemorating the deliverance of the ten commandments. but we do know that eileen and
5:35 pm
rick had been married 29 years. they have two sons and w. we know she has been devastated by what happened. she's described rick as her very best friend. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. a car drove through the doors after gift shop in mclean today in the 1300 block of chain bridge road. police believe the driver may have zebly hit the accelerator while trying to brake. store employees were shaken but luckily there were no injuries. a college student from montgomery county died yesterday after an accident during a track meet. robert yen was competing in a pole vaulting competition when he fell. news4's chris gordon spoke to those who knew him when he was a student at wooten high school in rockville. and he has his story. chris? >> reporter: he was a stun leader here at wooten. he excelled in everything he did. music and track and he graduated two years ago.
5:36 pm
going to college, trying his hand at a new sport, pole vaulting. last week something went wrong. he went up over the bar, off to the side, and falling, missing the mat. the tragic accident occurred at the midwest conference track meet at illinois college on friday. these photos were taken by the journal courier in jacksonville, illinois. gra robert yen landed on his back, grazing the mat, suffering a serious head injury. he died tuesday. he graduated from wooten high school in rockville, maryland, two years ago. he's remembered as a student hooder. >> he epitomized what the teachers would want in the students. he was a good student. he was athletic. he was a talented musician and wonderful singer. participated in everything that we did. >> reporter: robert was a mike major and sang in the choir. and played violin during services here at christ
5:37 pm
episcopal church in rockville. at wooton high school he sang in the octob the group. >> the way robert passed was kind of like abreporter thing because he did -- he did pass doing the things he loved. in a way, he pole -- pole vaulting is kind of like an adventure sport and robert took life on that way. >> i was praying he would be able to pull through. and -- we lost robert. he's always -- never really thought he would be able to pass away. he was such a big part of life of wooton. >> reporter: robert was so popular here at wooton that in his senior year he was homecoming king. tonight teachers and students say he's sadly missed. that's the latest from rockville. back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon. thank you, chris. up next tonight on "news4 at 5:00," the fight over a toddler who was found in the middle of
5:38 pm
the road by a bus driver who came close to running her
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5:40 pm
a couple has lost custody of their three children after a bus driver found their babysitting in the middle of the street. it happened last may down in texas. you can see the baby in the road wearing just a diaper in the middle of the night.
5:41 pm
the bus driver go off the bus, few seconds later the father came by and scooped up the child. the baby was than hurt. this morning on the "today" show the parents said they had no idea how the child got out. the mother is fighting to regain custody of the child. our favorite "wednesday's child" segments are the ones we get to show you a happy ending. teniers ago barbara harrison introduced us to a 5-year-old. his name was michael. tonight barbara shows us what life has been like for michael who is now a grownup teenager. >> reporter: it was a like a ride back through time as we prepared to meet michael. who we first introduced you to as a "wednesday's child" ten years ago. great to see you. you were 5 years old when we went to see the animals that day. and while he's still fascinated by wildlife and the world around him, he's not quite as little as he used to be. michael, my goodness. you have grown so much. we caught up with michael with
5:42 pm
his mom, gwendolyn brown at the national zoo where he had come to work on yet another boy scout mayor i badge to add to his collection. today we would meet the zoo's own animal photographer, megan murphy, to help with the badge he hopes to earn for tracking wildlife. his photograph plans to be part of his presentation. >> right there one of the main things to remember about animals is patience. >> reporter: she said that's the key to capturing a wonderful moment. michael listened and said he learned a lot from megan's suggestions. >> that's a good one. >> reporter: good one for her is what gwen brown thought the first time she saw michael on "wednesday's child." >> contacted child and family services and within two weeks, i met michael. and he sat in my life and said he wanted a mommy. >> reporter: can you believe that he sat in your lap at one time? >> it is hard to believe that i still know he's my baby. >> reporter: michael patiently watched and waited for the perfect photograph here.
5:43 pm
he says patience is something important for kids like him who start their lives the way he did. >> i just want them to be patient because i know there is someone out there who wants them. just like there was someone out there that wanted me. >> reporter: photographer megan murphy rewarded him, a copy of her favorite picture. one she caught of a lion in the snow. she says the best moments are always worth the wait. barbara harrison for "wednesday's child." >> if have you room if your home for any of the children feature order "wednesday's child," our adoption hotline is waiting for your call. 1-88-to-adopt-me. homepage by the way, michael wanted us to share that she's currently working on his -- getting the rank of eagle scout with a project to collect give cards for the families of hospice patients. he's going to become an eagle scout. >> he already has --
5:44 pm
>> my gosh. good for him. >> he has grown up. >> i love these stories. >> well, that's -- let's get the weather. when we come back, broadcast continues. the word of -- some high school students forced a principal to stop giving out yearbooks. >> also, two well-known locations in our area placed on a lust of endangered places. >> the life of late wizards other than abe pollin talks to lindsay about the lucky charm that got the team the l
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there is a high school recalled yearbook in virginia after the principal here says students went too far with their anonymous confessions. news4's aaron gilchrist is just back from spotsylvania county with all of the details for us. >> reporter: the massaponax high school yearbook is done. the principal -- no one else will see it after he found talk of sex triangle and abortions in the section for stanley cup confessions. the principal at massaponax high stopped the distribution of the 2010 yearbook because it was totally inappropriate for a high school. the few students that got one last friday have been asked to give them back. the beginning of the school year, students were asked to submit confessions anonymously for special section of the book. fredericksburg opinion kovm got one of the pages featuring this confession. i have sex with people just to feel wanted. but the website reports other comments like i had an abortion and my mom doesn't know. >> i think he mid the right decision. >> why do you think that?
5:48 pm
>> because -- there may have been things in there the parents need to discuss with their children in private. >> reporter: mother of three carol believes the school should have caught this before the book went to print but says reprinting is a good fix. >> we are talking about teenagers. teenagers don't always think in the if you. and sometimes we are there to -- that's what adults are for. we are there to make decisions and to talk to them and let them know, you. >> i think that's absurd. it is done. should have checked it beforehand. >> reporter: carol mills is also a mom and says the school dropped the ball and the damage done. >> i think the book is open it is paid for. people read it. why bring it back? >> reporter: today the spotsylvania county superintendent supported his principal and a statement said, in part, it is most unfortunate that inappropriate comments found their way into the yearbook. the principal, joseph rod can i, acted quickly to recall any
5:49 pm
yearbooks distributed last friday. the massaponax principal already talked to the yearbook's printer and agreed to reprint the book mine tuesday questionable comments and have already -- ready for students before the school year ends back to you guys. >> aaron gilchrist. thank you. let's get a check of the forecast and find out we are looking at the weekend. >> that's right. and the weekend is so-so. rest of the week looking excellent, jim and wendy. right now radar is very quiet. other than three little areas of shows that are out there. and right now the -- one little area that's too our north and that's up around howard county heading towards glenmont and hopewell area. so it is pressing off to the east. then fauquier county, whole area of showers down here, heading towards prince william. east of waterloo pressing towards brentville and nooksville area. back to the west. drying out during the overnight period. 64 is the temperature now. by 9:00, we are down to 61. we will be mostly cloudy.
5:50 pm
and still going to be cool. for sunrise tomorrow, 56 with the high tomorrow of 82 with lots of sunshine and finally warmer temperatures. >> all right. we will take that. veronica, thank you. wow. what were the odds? >> yeah. sometimes better lucky than good. nothing like starting over with the number one pick in the draft. that's exactly what the wizards will be doing this year. 10% chance of landing the top overall pick, the wizards hit the lotto jackpot last night. they could be exactly the jump start this franchise needs after become-to-back seasons of misery. the wizards took a whole slew of people to the lottery in new jersey last night. but the one that mattered most was irene pollin who represented the team on stage. the pollin familiar sly in the process of handing overing the reins to the new owner, ted
5:51 pm
leonsis. what bet are way to do it than winning the lottery. lindsay czarniak sat down with mrs. pollin this afternoon and got her take on a night to remember. >> i couldn't believe it. i mean -- as i was listening card after card falling city after city, going down. no, no, no. no. no. even when we were down to like two, i mean, no. i mean, of course it was ridiculous. of course. you about -- yeah. because i think so many years, you know, the disappointments and, you know, hoping and it was going to happen, and then when it finally happened, it really was, you know, wonderful. but still hadn't sunk in this happened. i'm taking pictures and i'm mechanically doing everything, right. on the way home on the plane, looking out the window, my god, i can't believe this. >> reporter: during the lottery, you felt his presence. i know that you wore the 1978 championship ring that belonged
5:52 pm
to him. flip saunders said you wore yellow because it was abe's favorite color. how important was it for to you keep his legacy alive as it still is? >> i think, number one, important -- the most important thing because i -- throughout the whole experience, i know what he felt about owning the team. and the excitement he always got out of every game and he never got tired of it. and i know what the ring men to him. that's why i wore the ring. >> reporter: you almost didn't wear the ring. >> yeah. the morning, wait a minute, i think i will put this ring on. and -- i mean, he wore this every day of his life. if it was misplaced, we were crawling around on floor looking for it. i mean, he really -- it meant so much to him. this whole experience in his lifetime. so i think for me, to sort of be a part of that, i felt it. felt very strongly. this is really about him and, of course, us.
5:53 pm
my enjoying his enjoyment of that. we grew up together. you know. so it was -- yeah. a lot about him. >> reporter: you were there as the wizards -- win the first dracht pick important first time since 2001. will you be around moving forward to be there to watch the rebirth of this team and how active might you be in that process? >> i don't know. if ted needs my advice -- i will be glad to give it to him. i don't know. i -- you know, i feel -- you know, very strong when i go in like yesterday. seeing all these guys. feeling at home. i felt so completely at home. yeah. probably the rest of my life, you know, i will be very much attached to the nba and basketball, wizards, verizon center. that's very much a part of me. >> going to be a great lasting memory for the pollin family and a nice way to hand over to the new team owner, ted leonsis.
5:54 pm
>> that's some ring she is wear. >> pretty nice. >> we need it next season. >> another one. next season may be a little early but maybe down the road. >> thanks. still to come up next, a local woman honored for her fight against modern day slavery. >> we get an up-close look at dealer school for the new games headed to charlestown, races and slots.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a d.c. woman is being honored for her efforts to stop sex trafficking in our country. tina is the recipient of this year's frederick douglas national freedom award. she is the first american citizen to win it. the ceremony was held this afternoon at frederick douglas house in southeast d.c. she's the founder of courtney's house. it fights to end sex trafficking of children in the u.s. she's credit with helping to free more than 500 struck times here in the d.c. metro area alone. she was once a victim herself. today she said win thing award means people do care. maryland has had its issues with slots after years of trying to get them approved, they were brought to the state in a limited fashion. now there is a new challenge. slots, horse racing and now table games are just a little more than an hour drive away. >> news4's john schriffen took a trip to the new charlestown races and slots. and has more on how you can try
5:58 pm
and cash in. >> reporter: new iest excitement coming to our area and it is only an hour from the beltway. starting in early july, 12 different table games, poker, blackjack, will come to the hollywood casino at charlestown races in west virginia. while there's still plenty of work left to be done the casino will be open 24 hours, seven days a week. >> i don't play table games. i think lit draw a lot more people. >> reporter: with the 1930s hollywood theme the new attraction also creates nearly 500 jobs, including 400 dealers. how did you end up here? >> well, the way the economy is now, i guess we end up about anywhere. >> reporter: like many at this 16-week dealers school, tanisha gates has been out of work months. they are being taught the ropes. >> it is your lucky day.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: jamie fair emcan't find work as a graphic designer so she learning to be a craps dealer. >> bets inside of bets. all kinds of odds. it is fun. >> reporter: right now with the slo machines and horse racing the casino says the majority of their business comes from our area with customers in northern virginia and d.c. and maryland. but with the addition of the table games, the casino hopes to fill these seats with a new type of player and in the past would have taken the long trip to atlantic city. more convenient option for those folks. i'm not saying they won't make any trips to atlantic city but fewer trips because why spend that extra 2 1/2 hours in the car when you can come here? >> reporter: for people who have never been to a casino -- >> just come down and have fun. try it out. >> reporter: and spend money at your table. >> spend money at my table, absolutely. >> reporter: charlestown, west virginia, john schriffen, news4. >> that does it for "news4 at 5:


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